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Giuseppe Giacomini is considered by many to be the greatest Italian true dramatic tenor for the past 50 years. This season we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of his career which started in 1967.​

On April 4, 2017 at Carnegie Hall (Zankel) we will be honoring the great Italian dramatic tenor GIUSEPPE GIACOMINI for his 50 illustrious years in our business! ​

It is a great honor to have represented Giuseppe “Beppi” Giacomini through the period in the 80s and 90s where he performed the leading dramatic roles in just about every major opera house in the world and for roles that almost no other tenor could come close to matching.​

His performances include his signature roles in Otello, Andrea Chenier, Fanciulla, Manon Lescaut, Aida, Pagliacci and Tabarro.​

His voice had the richness and timbre of a true tenor and, at the top, it blossomed as practically no one else has been able to do and especially singing the dramatic repertoire. His voice absolutely “filled the house” and excited the public as few others could! And, as a true dramatic tenor, he had the baritonal richness in the lower middle that often confused people into thinking that they were hearing an important baritone on stage!​

At the Gala, we hope to present a special video of one of Beppi’s historic moments on stage. And of course, we will have a number of wonderful artists singing arias and duets from the repertoire for which Beppi was famous.​


Nancy Fabiola Herrera, Alessandra Marc, Sharon Azrieli, Dongwon Shin, Natasha Novitskaia, Grigory Soloviov, Eglise Guttierez, Fanyong Du, Isaachah Savage


Eve Queler, with members of the Opera Orchestra of NY 


Sherrill Milnes, Marilyn Horne, Marilyn Zschau, Neil Shicoff, Barry Tucker

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