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Violinist Hyojin Kim  has had a remarkable career and shows great promise as an international performer. She spent most of her academic years in Korea, attending the prestigious Yewon Middle School, Seoul Arts High School, and Seoul National University. After completing her first year in college, she transferred to The Juilliard School, where she is currently attending as a second-year student. Over the years, she has shown phenomenal accomplishments in Korea, as she won various prizes in the Eumak-Chunchu Competition, Korea’s Herald Competition, Sunjung Competition, Yewon Competition, Music Education News Competition, and more. She also received an award in the Seoul Chamber Music Competition, demonstrating a wide-ranging skillset.

    While attending the Yewon School, she was chosen as the most outstanding recipient of the Lee Dae Woong Scholarship, a highly reputable award, and received a career grant for her later studies. 

    Kim showed potential from a young age. At only 13 years old, she was invited to perform with the Moravian Philharmonic at the Smetana Hall in Prague and in 2017, she performed with the Dacapo Kammer Philharmonie at Herkulessaal in Munich which was successfully sold out. In Korea, under the baton of Maestro NanSae Gum, she performed with the Seongnam City Philharmonic Orchestra in their annual Park Concert and played with the Seoul Arts High School Orchestra in 2015-16 concert series, even with tvN’s “Always Cantare 2” Orchestra in a televised episode. 

    Kim has worked with Samuel Rhodes, Laurie Smukler, Natasha Brofsky, Areta Zhulla, and Carol Rodland for the chamber studies in The Juilliard School, and has studied with Bonjiu Koo, Jihee Lim, and currently studies with Hyo Kang at The Juilliard School. 

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